3h10min – 299km

One of the most fascinating tourist destinations to visit is Sorrento, the beautiful town of citrus fruits in the Sorrento Peninsula, where the landscape is characterized by an alternation of sea and mountains. Built on a ridge of tufa, contains unique features in the world, naturalistic, cultural, artistic and folklore.

 The visit to the city can start from the heart of the historical center, that is the important Piazza Tasso, dedicated to the great poet and author of the Gerusalemme Liberata, who was born in Sorrento in 1544. The square opens Into Corso Italia. At the side of the square is the Correale Museum, which houses ancient art paintings and objects belonging to a period from the 16th to the 19th century. Sorrento has a craft of great quality; Particularly interesting is the Museum of Wood Inlay in Pomarici Santomasi Palace, built in the ‘700 and restored in 1999.

 Among the places to visit you cannot miss the church of St Francis of Assisi with its small XIV century cloister, and the Basilica of St. Anthony, known for its eighteenth century crib. A suggestive Belvedere overlooking the road leading to the village of Marina Grande, while Via della Pietà leads to the medieval quarter of the city.

 Even the gastronomy is an activity that excels in Sorrento, with typical products like sorbet limoncello and many other delights to limon.. On alleys of the old town you can find spices, hot pepper, dried tomatoes and ‘follovielli’ (dumplings vine leaves stuffed with raisins).

To be tasted at lunch are the Sorrento Babies (fresh cheese) and traditional dishes such as cannelloni with ricotta gnocchi alla sorrentina. To conclude with puffs, homemade ice cream and walnut liqueur made from the famous local nuts.