2h11min – 178km

“Circei” were first allies and then citizens of Rome, they took part in the wars against Carthage and Rome suffered as the barbarian invasions; over the centuries the lands of Circei were subject to constant attacks by pirates from the sea and infighting, (the various towers testify to the danger of Saracen pirates and the Turks) .From 1700 The Circeo area were finally in the hands of the Popes, and as such followed the fate of the Kingdom Pontifical until today.

Remains of ancient walls are still visible; on the central square of San Felice Circeo are the medieval tower of the Templars and the Baronial Palace, a meeting point for VIPs in summer nearby . From piazza G. Marconi leads to the belvedere overlooking the sea where, on a clear day, the view is Pontian pushes up the archipelago, and the Pontine Plain.

On the beach, there is the cave Guattari or Neanderthal (visit on request, Saturday and Sunday, the Pro-site), in which was found the contemporary human skull of Neanderthal man. After 3 km on the scenic road that leads to the beautiful resort of Punta Rossa, along dramatic cliffs, overlooking the sea, through an environment characterized by Mediterranean maquis, the Lighthouse of Torre Cervia. You can walk up to get to the battery or Blanc shelter, then get to the cave of the Goats, one of the few accessible by land.

The whole coastline is in fact studded with a series of more or less large cavities, in which were found numerous prehistoric tools and fossils. From San Felice Circeo you can take the ferry (Pontina Navigazione), to reach the archipelago of the Pontine Islands (of volcanic origin), located almost in the center of the Tyrrhenian Sea, opposite the coast of Lazio.