Artistic natural and cultural park of Val d’Orcia

( 1h50min- 144km )

Pienza, a small agricultural and touristic village, surrounded by red brick walls, preserves part of civil and religious buildings dating back to 1300 and an imposing gate, Porta Senese. Before being “Pienza” this village was called “Corsignano” (Corsignan de ‘Thieves) and was a fortified village, inhabited since the Bronze Age. The oldest monument is the Romanesque parish church rebuilt in 1100 with Lombard style, while the church of St. Francis (sec. XIII) is in Gothic style.

Pienza still retains scheduling wanted by Pope Pius II centralized in the main square, surrounded by monumental buildings of the Cathedral, the Palazzo Piccolomini and the Town Hall. according to a trapezoidal pattern.

The main street, drawn undertaken to make it seem longer, permits guests to have many views and magnificent shots both on the village of the countryside below. Pienza, beyond the entertainment palaces, preserves the rural air and in its narrow streets are antique shops that offer the famous “Caciotte of Pienza”, meats, and wines made with aromas and flavors of the past.

Here the cheeses are combined with the oil of the olive trees that are grown on the spot, with truffles, with smoked meats, with juniper, with the classic herbs or little known and jams; unions that are the delight of gourmets; the cellars of Pienza boast a millenary tradition and offer the best of the best.