Artistic natural and cultural park of Val d’Orcia
Madonna della Noce

Established in 1979 by the Lazio region, the Tevere-Farfa Reserve is the first protected natural area.

The landscape of the reserve is characterized by the shape of the Tiber river valley is bounded by hills of marine sediments. The rich presence of birds into the lake is one of the great attractions for visitors: you can see the great crested grebe, coot, kingfishers and raptors such as the marsh harrier and osprey. The reeds, mainly consisting of straw and cattail, is enhanced by flowering iris marsh while on clay soils, we find the burdock and horsetail among the roots of red and white willows.

This is the realm of many birds like the warbler, reed warbler, the water rail, moorhen and the otter, mammal of American origin allochthonous naturalized for decades in many Italian wetlands. This habitat is very important for the reproduction of fish, insects and amphibians such as the newt and the green frog. The cultivated areas and pastures of the wide plain of Nazzano are most frequented by crows, but they are also the places where it is easier to see the lark, rate and reptiles such as the rat snake. On the hills that overlook the Tiber valley we can see holm oaks but also leafy deciduous oaks such as oak and turkey oak. As for fauna it has been documented porcupine, marten, the wild cat and numerous small rodents, preferred prey of the barn owl and other owls.