Royal palace of Caserta

2h30 – 262km

An old saying states “see Naples and die” but English Arthur John Strutt modified it to “see Naples and live” because it is in fact worthy of being lived!

In fact, the city of Naples, has much to offer those who decide to visit it. Go to Naples, even if for a short vacation, it means having the chance to explore the many dimensions of human life as the life of every man is full of peaks and abysses so also the capital of Campania offers landscapes of rare beauty and historical artifacts invaluable alongside decidedly less edifying aspects.

When you visit a new city usually is considered the cathedral of the city and an inevitable stop here, in Naples, to go to the Cathedral means you can also visit the museum dedicated to San Gennaro, saint beloved by the Neapolitans.

Must visit is the Palace Bourbon: walking through the immense spaces of this palace one encounters at every step in a piece of art history if you are indoors while outside you can relax enjoying the green surrounding.

The Chapel of San Severo! Besides the famous Veiled Christ, in this chapel you are also other works that deserve to be seen.

If it still remains a bit ‘of time you could visit the city’s underground, a journey through time to forty meters deep.

Napoli has certain atmospheres for those who come to visit the capital of Campania is essential to breathe; It has a thousand souls who live in her, almost never peacefully. Spaccanapoli, road, as the name suggests, cuts all of Naples, is the perfect theater to see on stage the different nature of this city.